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KTM A10 Body Protector By Alpinestars


With its revolutionary exoskeletal and contoured design, the A-10 Chest Protector offers improved structural strength while its reduced material design and air channeling allows for optimized airflow as well as performance flex, ergonomics and weight saving. Its performance polymer plates which are CE certified have embedded grid technology for superior impact resistance.

  • Chest, back, shoulder, and side protection;
  • Plastic shield made from high-density polyethylene;
  • FlipFit design for perfect integration of neck brace;
  • Three-dimensional shape for perfect comfort;
  • Exclusively for KTM by Alpinestars;
  • 45% polypropylene / 22% polyethylene / 13% polyester / 10% EVA / 5% polyurethane / 3% polyamide / 2% aluminum.
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