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Harley-Davidson® Men’s Tat Riding Sunglasses


Harley-Davidson® men’s tat riding sunglasses, HATAT01. How do you make a great pair of Wiley X sunglasses better? Place a Willie G Skull emblem on both temples. Now we’re getting somewhere. These sunglasses are dressed out with smoke gray lenses with gloss black frames. Grey lenses are best for almost everything, including cycling, driving, outdoor sports, golf, and tennis. Grey reduces eye fatigue, preserves color perception, minimizes glare, and provides the highest light reduction factor. The glasses also come with a soft pouch that can double as a cleaning cloth. These sunglasses meet the ANSI Z87 high-velocity impact and high-mass impact requirements. It gets better. Patented facial cavity seals are included. These are removable, soft foam facial cavity seals that lock onto lightweight frames to help protect your eyes from wind and debris. The sunglasses will fit most people with head sizes medium and large (which includes most men). In 2012 Wiley X and Harley-Davidson® joined forces by licensing Wiley X to make performance riding eyewear under the Harley-Davidson® brand. The Harley-Davidson® dealer channel is a strategic partner of Wiley X in the sale of innovative, quality performance eyewear to the riding enthusiast.

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