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KTM 690 Duke R 2017


The new KTM 690 Duke R 2017 Naked features latest LC4 showcase twenty-four carats of fun.

  • This engine has a trademark 690 cm3 single thumper and mono-cylinder with 75 horsepower or 55 kW
  • It features a standard Akrapovic slip-on exhaust system
  • The Engine has a ultra-light and adamant piston and connecting rod, rerouted the air intake with the resonator chamber
  • The improved crankshaft provides it with the sleeve bearing. As a result of this improvement, this engine provides the consistent power delivery, especially in the mid to high rev range
  • The new twin ignition featuring plug-selective mapping, rock solid but is lightweight internals
  • It has optimised intake and exhaust systems cultivate the heavy mono to be as strong as it is smooth
  • The new ride-by-wire system ensures the exceptional refinement with low fuel consumption and emission figures
  • In the cylinder head, new roller rockers actuate the exhaust valves while the camshaft powers the intake valves
  • To achieve the greater accuracy the valve timing is controlled, it results in more peak power over the broader rev range
  • The modified power version is also available for the inexperienced rider
  • The new LC4 serves a bonus balancer shaft nipping the annoying vibration in the bud
  • The new electronic engine management system is optimised for more output
  • Twin ignition with the individual mapping for each spark plugs guarantees that the expensive fuel is burned to perfection
  • It electronically controls the throttle valve actuation without any mechanical linkage

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